Now’s the Time to Share Some Love

Share The Love

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Now’s the Time to Share Some Love


When you’re staying safer at home during these challenging days of COVID-19, sharing some love can go a long way to making yourself and others feel a little better. And, the great thing is, there is no shortage of ways to do so or those who need it.


Make a Difference

Now more than ever, help and positivity through efforts both big and small can make a difference. Spreading the love amongst others makes us feel good, especially during times of crisis. It gives us purpose and reminds us that we’re all part of a larger, inter-connected whole.


Some of us focus on family members we have under the same roof, making favorite comfort foods and spending time playing games and watching movies together. Others share love with contributions to a cause near and dear to their hearts, like one that supports free meals for low-income families and newly-unemployed workers.


Who to Share Your Love With

If you know you want to help, but you’re not sure of which organization or cause to share your love with, resources like this one can help you find a good fit.


Or, you may have local opportunities to help that you’ve already zeroed in on, like CQC Boutique’s owner, Denise Rasbid. She’s sharing some love by making face masks for care workers who need to get prolonged use out of the medical-grade masks that are in such short supply. (You can contribute to her mask-making effort here.)


Don’t Forget You

Let’s not forget that it’s also important to practice self-care and indulge ourselves a bit while we’re being kind to others.


The best way to ensure you don’t run low on the ability to share love and caring is to find ways to be good to yourself, too. Whether it’s by gifting yourself some alone time to meditate, take a bubble bath, escape via a great book, or do a little affordable online shopping — remember, you also need a little love.





Sharing is Caring, So...

We thought we’d share some CQC Boutique love — with ideas on how to treat yourself and others at the same time. Love for you. Love for them. It’s a win-win. Read on to see why —


Idea #1 – Practice some self-love by treating yourself to a new springtime fashion find.

No matter whether you’re stuck at home by yourself, or it’s you, your significant other, the kids, and the dog, it’s important to stick to your normal dressing and grooming routine. Get out of your PJs or workout clothes, dress for the day and put on a little lip gloss like you’re (virtually, of course!) heading out to meet a friend. A cute new top or pair of on-trend jeans will perk you up and give you a little fashion joy.


Rest assured — especially in times like these, we know that everyone’s financial situation is different. That’s why the team at CQC Boutique focuses on super-cute fashion finds at affordable prices.


Idea #2 – Love on a small business or two (or more!) by shopping on a social ecommerce selling site like Poshmark.

Most small businesses and individual sellers are more economically vulnerable than larger, more established retailers and selling sites. By shopping directly on a small business owner’s fashion site like CQC Boutique, or with a selling-buying community such as Poshmark, you’re sharing love with fashion sellers that need it most.


Idea #3 – Share love by being social while you shop.

Miss shopping with your besties while you practice social distancing? Everyone needs and appreciates social connection, especially when we’re homebound. By its very definition, a social buying and selling site give you a more interactive and communal shopping experience than shopping on a website like Macy’s or Amazon. You can follow people whose style you dig, attend shopping parties and share favorite listings.


Idea #4 – Gift some love by surprising someone with a little something

Big or small, affordable or expensive. It’s truly the thought that counts when spreading some unexpected love. Whether you can spend $15, $50 or $100, a “just because” surprise can really brighten someone’s day and remind them of how much they are appreciated. Whoever your gift is for — a family member, a neighbor living by themselves, a teacher your student misses or the woman who can no longer come clean your home — they’ll feel the virtual love from afar.


Two More Thoughts

We understand that these are uncertain times we find ourselves in, and that many of us are also experiencing hardship of some type. Which leads to a few important thoughts we want to leave you with —



Much as you’d like to, you might not be in a position to spend any money at all right now. Buying gifts for others and ourselves is fun and feels good, but remember there are so many other ways to share positivity and love. A supportive phone call or note. A warm virtual smile and laughter. A tight hug for those you have been safely at home with. Prayers, meditation and any other way you send good energy out to those you care about.



It’s truly important that we all recognize when we need some extra help and love, and that we allow ourselves to ask for it. The reason doesn’t matter. We might feel overwhelmed with at-home work and managing our students’ e-learning. Maybe we feel the weight and worry of coronavirus news or someone we care about is sick. We may just feel depleted and low.


Ask for a little extra love from those around you. You’ll quickly realize that everyone has a lot to give — in a variety of their own, unique ways.


Stay Safe and Healthy.

Wishing you love and good fashion,


CQC Boutique


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